First you need to know what it is. The American name is “zucchini” while the English tend to call them courgette. The shape is some-what long like a cucumber (not as long as English cucumber).  Their ends tend to be round and bigger than the tops. The color is light or dark green. The yellow ones are the same family but they are called yellow squash or summer squash. Come back for my post about yellow squash. I hope my explanation is not too confusing for you to understand.


If you often watch food TV you might see that they make fried stuffed zucchini squash flowers that look so good that you want to make them, too. Unfortunately, you cannot find zucchini flowers anywhere in suburban areas to buy. I myself tried to search them at a few farmers markets but I had no luck. I had to grow them. That was exactly what I did.


I found my young plants were not good at transplanting from inside out to the garden. I did everything the experts advised. I turned our gallery room into a nursery. I bought starting mix and seeded many things. They popped up like they should do. They died outside in our garden boxes. This year I seeded them directly in the garden.


My first batch was gone after a hungry squirrel’s visit. My husband even witnessed his crime out our back window. He said: “the squirrel dug, ate, and moved from one spot to another along your bed, so fast that I did not have time to save your work.”


I planted seeds the second time. This time I used large plastic sheet to cover with the stone weight on top. The wind could not blow it, the squirrel could not move under. The plastic acted like a blanket to cozy my seeds. After a week or so I saw my seedlings made their presence. I waited a little longer for them to have more strength before they manage to survive by themselves. Of course, we could not leave them without assistance. My husband and I watered them every day, sometimes twice if it is too sunny. We weeded so they had all nutrients in the soil.


To improve our Virginia clay soil we bury my kitchen waste into the soil. My husband complains every time I ask him to help with the bury. The waste smells so bad whenever I kept them long in our waste bucket.  But our labor paid off. We harvested zucchini for our food, our organic home grown food. My health-conscious husband could not be happier.


Please check out my recipes for zucchini frittata and zucchini soup, and blanc- promage stuffed zucchini flowers. It does not end here. I intend to make zucchini gratin and many more recipes with the growing crops. Most of all, we will enjoy fried stuffed zucchini blossoms.

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