For us, who are normal (I exaggerate here, I mean amateur), as opposed to supernatural (I mean professional) the first thing we need to learn is to understand photography.

When you read my above opening sentence you might not see why I use these words.

Guess what I found out?

Photography is the art and science of capturing us or things around us and expressing them in pictures. I say “art” because photography does need the artist’s eyes.

To achieve great images, first we need to see things differently. Sounds familiar? I think I read that in some book or I’ve just watched the movie “Into the West” by Steven Spielberg: Clara taught her students: “the power to see things differently”.

Bryan Peterson wrote in his book “Understanding Close-Up Photography” that we see so much potential, so many possible intimate encounters, in a world that most people are too busy to notice or simply never thought was worth the look.

To break through from taking normal to breathtaking photographs, to move a little closer from amateur to professional, we need to look at even normal object with different angles and views.

Bryan Peterson did impress me with the picture of the downspout he took in Burano, Italy. Like many of us, who could pass by a typical downspout day after day, who could have thought it could be conveyed into an unusual amazing image that could be framed on the wall. Now you may ask, are professional (celebrity) photographers supernatural?

By the way you do not need to go to Italy to photograph the downspout, you can find it everywhere.

Now you know, what I got myself into.

People say we learn something new every day. Like you, I have learned a lot of things in my life. Do not count the fact I spent 12 years before finish high schools and 6 and a half for university. I learned 5 languages: Vietnamese, English, French, Russian and a little German. When it came to my previous job, I had to force myself to learn Spanish. After just a few hours of my life, I gave up. No more learning.  Je suis tres fatigue.

Life is not as easy as some say. I next found myself swimming in the ocean of knowledge about blogging. And while I am still barely afloat, I need to face another learning challenge: Photography. I do seriously need to take better pictures of my food.

Nowadays my life is divided among my husband Donald, Nicole Young, Teri Campbell, Derek Pell, Bryan Peterson, Tom Ang and Scott Kelby.

But instead of simply drifting, I find myself swimming again. In the early years, I did not learn how to swim although I dipped myself in the pool of our university for a whole year. I later mastered swimming, though, at least freestyle category, thanks to an Olympic-trained tutor.

I am an optimistic person so I continue to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Until then, bye-bye and be happy.



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